May 9, 2008

Niice. More Wall-Mounted Via Toy Boxes, Please


They're pitching it as a bedside table, but I wonder if this wall-mounted Via Toy Box couldn't be paired with others to make a row of them along a wall, or maybe stick them in a checkerboard pattern or something. That's really pretty sweet.

Via Toy Box Bedside Table, with top and wall mount, $116 [viatoybox]
note: Via Toy Box has advertised on Daddy Types, and we bought and still like our cube tower [retail, yo]

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In my quest to turn my "office" back into a second bedroom for the kid (who knew that it'd be easier to work from a desk in the master bedroom than an office with another computer being used to view Youtube and vintage Dr. Seuss cartoons?) I picked up an IKEA "Roy" folding stool/table, with visions of somehow hacking a canvas bag under it for extra storage; they had very little for nightstands in sizes that went well with the kids bed we picked. (the Minnen resizable one, btw... more traditional than I would have chosen but the wife and kid think it's awesome)

I may have to check out a few storage cubes like this though... might fit the bill.

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