May 7, 2008

DTQ: What Do You Think Of Your Dozuki?

So I'm still kicking around the idea of building a dining table using a design by Enzo Mari [see some longwinded discussion of it here.] It's supposed to be made out of plain, unfinished pine lumber, which you can...
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Now That's Vitalian! Sweet Nesting Dollhouse By Kaefer

Kaefer is German for "beetle," and this sleek, alderwood dollhouse by the toymaker Kaefer is German for, "You can't go wrong by taking a cue from Antonio Vitali." If only it was a little bigger than six inches--no, you...
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Yo Gabba Gabba!: It's What The Kids Are Watching These Days. WHEN THEY'RE HIGH.

This just in: ABC News reports that college students smoke pot. And watch Yo Gabba Gabba. Which is funny, because I remember when it was launched, some raver described it as the Teletubbies with the Ecstasy baked right in. But...
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Wait, Carhartt For Toddlers? Did My Hipster Card Expire?

How did I not know about this? It feels like I was looking for Carhartt kid gear a couple of years ago, and couldn't find any. Or was that Dickies? Either way, now I'm worried that somehow, passing 40,...
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DT Headline Roundup: First, The Bad Ideas Edition

So a family from Northern Ireland goes to Portugal for a little vacation, by the evening, the parents are puking, the kids [ages 6, 2, and 1] are in protective custody, and there's a court appearance set for drunken...
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Holy Crap, Our Book Is #652 On Amazon, And We're Having A Signing Tonight

I was up too late watching the primary returns, so I couldn't go stand outside the Today Show this morning while Heather talks about our book, Things I Learned About My Dad (in therapy). But I think I'll be...
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