May 6, 2008

They're Baaack! Amazon $20/99 Deal On Pampers & Luvs


Well it has certainly been a while, but Amazon has brought back a classic deal for the month of May. If you order $99 worth of Pampers or Luvs products by May 31st, Amazon will give you a $20 gift certificate in July. Throw in free shipping and sales tax, and you could be looking at a savings of 30% or more on your diapering-related purchases.

Check the offer page for a complete list of qualifying products and details on the offer, and then go clear out some space in the garage for all those cases of diapers.

$20/99 Pampers and Luvs Offer, good through 5/31 [amazon via parenthacks]


On behalf of the Porschephiles out here, thanks for that!

@Darren: I guess you should move here to Germany where Porsche drivers are about as much of a nuisance as Mercedes and BMW drivers, always in the left lane and driving way to fast for the road conditions ;)

[i'm sure they're just trying to get home with the Pampers -ed.]

Actually, Jason, I used to live over there and was probably one of those people you were cursing at, flashing my lights and telling you to get out of the left lane while I was driving too fast for road conditions ;-)

[isn't the left lane for passing? -ed.]

Yeah normally I try to stay to the right but I hate getting stuck behind the trucks so need to pass every so often. Then I'm dealing with the faster drivers. With two kids in the car I really try to keep my speed below 150KpH. My oldest even starts yelling at me when I go to fast :P

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