May 6, 2008

Daddy Improvises: The Ikea Stroller

Here's what you need to make a handy Ikea stroller with the smoothest ride this side of Malmo:

  • One car seat [any brand, we used Maxi-Cosi]
  • One Bugaboo base
  • Zero car seat adapters [best to leave them at home for full effect]
  • One Ikea bag cart
  • One Ikea bag [yellow for in-store use, not for smuggling home, of course]
  • Two kids

    Ball pit and Ikea diaper bag are optional.


    HAHAHA that's hilarious. What's up with Ikea and the no-stroller? You'd think that such a family-oriented place would offer this basic convenience for its customers.

    [the other option is the new-to-me, light-weight hand trucks. I drove the kid around for a minute with her standing on it, and it could totally work as toddler transport. -ed.]

    Despite all of the various often recited family-friendly features, the vibe I get at IKEA is distinctly anti-kid. As in, hey, we provide the play area so that you're not bringing your child with you through the store. Granted, I only visit a couple times a year, but I'm keenly aware when I'm the only person in sight who is toting along a kid.

    [hmm, interesting. I don't like to use them, because it just creates problems for moving on, but they actually have little toy and play stations throughout the whole showroom. Even a mini-ballpit in some stores. Plus another big play area in the middle of the cafeteria. At least in some of them. It can vary. -ed.]

    .. and the kids furniture/toy area is pretty much just a play area, as well. Not as nice as PBK, but I actually buy stuff at IKEA.

    The thing I don't understand is this - they have regular carts, as well. I put the car seat either in the top part (where kids sit) or just put it in the basket of the cart.

    My daughter likes the full cart because the wheels turn 360 degrees, and I can spin the entire cart around while pushing it.

    I guess this solution does take up less space when walking through IKEA...

    [they didn't have any regular carts out, though I did see one deep in the store. That's what we do at Costco, just drop the car seat in, and pile steaks and formula around her. -ed.]

    "... and pile steaks and formula around her."

    ... and bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes?

    Not sure what you guys are whining on about. By us for those not wishing to use their own Ikea supplies umbrella strollers! That's in addition to all the other innovative methods you've resigned to...

    [really? sure enough, Our DC Ikea is the third web result for "ikea stroller." who knew? photos, please... -ed.]

    hey, it's not ikea, but in williamsburg last weekend (the colonial version, not the hip brooklyn hood) we managed to wedge a graco car seat into a maclaren stroller and secured it with bungee cords. it was awesome. and a very happy 3 month old slept through our very long walk.

    I'd be happy to supply photos. Unfortunately it's more than a 100km trip each way so we only make the trip a couple of times a year...

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