May 5, 2008

Squid Hat? Yes, Squid Hat


Looks like it's Etsy Day around here. Feel free to chime in.

I don't want to roast my little butterball, either, but the Gilligan Bucket Hat Hegemony in the baby market has been getting me down.

The soft jersey skullcaps by Etsy seller littlemisselodie remind me of something a kid'd wear in a Dutch Renaissance painting, or maybe what Hester Prynne would make for Pearl. If only Pearl's hat had a squid stitched on the side, Dimmesdale would've stepped up and claimed her like a good baby daddy for sure.

Squid cap in cotton/twill, 6-12 mos, $22 [littlemisselodie at etsy, via dt reader sara]


Umm, don't they/you mean "octopus hat"? Not like any squid I've ever seen.

[the artist calls it a squid, what can i do? -ed.]

That cephalopod hat (better?) dominates.

if it was an octopus it would have 8 (not 4) legs

And if it were a squid, it would have eight arms and two additional tentacles. I know what the "octo" in octopus means, thanks. But I assume the four arms is just artistic license.

[or the limitations of the sewing machine -ed.]

Sure, a baby Cthulhu hat looks cute now, but you just wait.

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