May 5, 2008

Sorry, BPA! The Mob Has Spoken

bornfree_bottles.jpgSo despite the totally objective wisdom of the JPMA, we gave in to the media hysteria. Actually, my wife just got tired of me making BPA jokes about K2's Playtex bottles, so she picked up a Born Free tempered glass bottle. The verdict: it's fine.

Because the Born Free's heavier, I suspect we'll just use it around the house, and keep a few Ventaire Bottles Of Polycarbonate Death--or at least some Bottles Of Epidemiologically Linked Early Onset Puberty--on hand in case we ever go outside. It's the BPA equivalent of switching to Virginia Slims.

One thing that doesn't hold up: the Born Free multi-variable flow nipple. The nipple has a single slit for a hole, and the idea is that by rotating it, the different angle adapts to the baby's established sucking motion and produces a different flow rate. Or not; it was like the bottle was turned to 11. The kid was drowning in milk no matter what angle she was using.

But no matter, there's another nipple, and the whole thing's silicon, so as far as I know, she can chew on it all day and night if she likes. At least until the toxicology studies start rolling in.

Buy a twin pack of Born Free glass bottles, $20 [amazon]


Born Free also makes BPA-free plastic bottles (they're a little bit yellowish in color), which are quite light. No need to keep those other ones around at all... this is what we've been doing (well for all 11 days our daughter's been here).

We like the GreenToGrow bpa-free plastic Bottles, as well...

We also use the born free glass bottles around the house. I like that they're vented, unlike some of the glass bottles available. We use the plastic born free bottles when we head out and need a bottle. Also nice that you can switch out the nipple for a sippy cup top and keep using the bottles past the first year. our kid uses the plastic bottles with the sippy top and handles now for water, and the glass bottle with sippy top for his bed time milk. It's nice that they're interchangable, and the glass bottles can go in the dishwasher (we hand wash all the plastic stuff, even though they say it'll be fine in the dishwasher. A PITA to be sure, but one less guilt thing hanging over our heads later if some new study comes out saying all that hot water and 'harsh' chemicals in automatic dishwashers makes our kid grow a third eye or something.).

We're also on the tobacco stained BornFree plastics. The nipples are a little odd, but our Z made the switch - no problem.

We also dumped all our Nalgene bottles and switched to SIGG for hydration at the gym.

Canada was first to hit the BPA peeps where they hurt, Congress is jumping in, and so is Europe.

Avent relented and is now offering consumers a free smaple of a BPA free sippy cup. Yet they still belong to the BPA Lobby. Awful company.

I've written up the latest developments over here:

I like the ThinkBaby bottles, too, and they transition into a sippy model...

There's also a Sassy Mam bottle (available on Amazon) that is BPA free, as well as some (narrow nipple) Medelas... glass is not the only option...

We have a toddler and a new infant. I tossed the old avent stuff, including the Isis breast pump and milk storage bottles.

I went the the soft landing ( and bought a bpa-free bottle sampler for the infant and a bpa-free sippy sampler for the todder. The infant is to young for the bottles, yet, so no verdict. For the sippys, I give thumbs down to the Foogo, which leaks where the top screws on to the body, and the boy doesn't particularly care for the Nuby sport sippy. On the other hand, the Think Baby and Kleen Kanteen sippys are big hits with the boy.

I found the soft landing as I scrolled through all of the websites that may, but don't seem to ever, have the safe sippy. Are those people kicking themselves over their inability to actually have a product?? They're the Tesla Motors of the baby product market.

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