May 5, 2008

Sorry, BPA! The Mob Has Spoken

So despite the totally objective wisdom of the JPMA, we gave in to the media hysteria. Actually, my wife just got tired of me making BPA jokes about K2's Playtex bottles, so she picked up a Born Free tempered glass...
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Hey Baby Gear Makers, JPMA Missing Something Here?

Why is your company still a JPMA member? Because I am a Wharton MBA who's been following the baby/parent industry closely for the last five years, and I really can't figure it out. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association is...
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Squid Hat? Yes, Squid Hat

Looks like it's Etsy Day around here. Feel free to chime in. I don't want to roast my little butterball, either, but the Gilligan Bucket Hat Hegemony in the baby market has been getting me down. The soft jersey...
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Ninja Baby Blanket, Also Robots

Though she's married to the dadblogger behind NonToxicReviews, the maker of this sweet, crocheted ninja baby blanket does not call herself Mrs. Stinkyhead. At least not on her Etsy store. She also makes a sweet robot blanket, too. Somehow,...
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Tetris Baby Blanket

Kayster is a crafting genius. I mean, every time I sit down to crochet a Tetris baby blanket, I get a row done, and it just disappears. Very annoying. Topic: Tetris blanket [ via wonderland]...
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