May 1, 2008

You Gonna Finish That? Yes, Yes You Gonna.

A 5-lb bag of trail mix.
A 3-lb canister of cashews.
A 2-lb bag of dried mangos.
A 3-lb jug of peach salsa.
With a giant bag of Tostitos.
A 1-lb box of edamame.
A 1-gallon jar of sweet relish.

No matter what snack food we buy at Costco, no matter how many months it feels like it'll take to eat through it, if there's a newborn kid in the house, the food is gone within a week. Seriously. [OK, so maybe I'm not serious about the relish. Unless you're a church picnic or you run a little league snack bar, who the hell buys a gallon of relish?]

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Holy crap! You can get a 2 lb bag of dried mangoes? My kids (both - the boy eats them in one of those mesh bags, reconstituting it with baby spit) are on a huge mango kick (my daughter said "no" to popcorn last night in favor of dried mango) lately.

We usually buy the "Just Mango" organic containers, but they are small. Are these 2 lb bags organic?

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