May 1, 2008

DT Link Roundup: Play, Automobili, Playmobil Edition

A collection of things I'd have posted about at length if K2 wasn't propped on my lap with her bottle. It's one-handed typing you can discuss at the playground!

  • Is a spoiler alert required before I ask Grand Theft Auto IV players to report in on any interesting baby-related content? If even half the URL's on this list are featured in-game, the ad for is just the tip of the iceberg [ via waxy]

  • Jalopnik has IRL shots of the Carrozzeria Touring Bellagio, aka the Maserati Quattroporte wagon conversion. Words like Impreza and Hyundai and awesome pepper the comments, so it looks like we're choosing sides. [jalopnik, also previously]

  • Along with tips for letting your 1-yo kid safely play along with a universe of choke hazards, Millionaire Playboy has some funny and informative reviews of the new Playmobil sets. Dinosaurs and volcanoes are cool, but my favorite is #9878, the Playmobil Budweiser Frogs Commercial Studio Set. []

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