May 1, 2008

You Gonna Finish That? Yes, Yes You Gonna.

A 5-lb bag of trail mix. A 3-lb canister of cashews. A 2-lb bag of dried mangos. A 3-lb jug of peach salsa. With a giant bag of Tostitos. A 1-lb box of edamame. A 1-gallon jar of sweet relish....
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JPMA: We Are 100% Behind BPA. Until We're Not.

I totally forgot to post this earlier this week. At first glance, this press release from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association might seem like one more mindlessly self-serving, knee-jerk response to a damning front page article in the Washington Post...
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DT Publicity Contest Roundup: Or At Least Two.

Did the National Association Of Publicity Stunt Managers declare May Publicity Contest Month? If your kid is born in May, you can enter him or her to win a $20,000 savings bond and to be named the first Vlasic Pickle...
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DT Link Roundup: Play, Automobili, Playmobil Edition

A collection of things I'd have posted about at length if K2 wasn't propped on my lap with her bottle. It's one-handed typing you can discuss at the playground! Is a spoiler alert required before I ask Grand Theft Auto...
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Sweet Juniper + Etsy = Sweeter Juniper

At the end of the day, none of us has that much control over when we become famous; Jim's awesome photos of the Detroit Public Schools Book Depository were like the 4,711th thing in his flickr stream when they...
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