April 29, 2008

Elmer The Unambiguously Awesome Dishware Set


You know, I thought it was just a phase, but I'm liking Elmer the patchwork elephant a lot more these days. Not sure why. And that goes for this pretty sweet-looking Elmer tableware set, too.

Not that we'll be getting some, of course. I was putting away the dishes the other night, and I noticed that we have an entire double cupboard stuffed full of plastic kids crap: dishes that don't stack or match, various sippy cups, bottles of various shapes and vintages, bottle sterilizer bags, it just goes on and on. It makes me want to take a chance and just give the kids regular dishes. Or just eat off the table; they're only Cheerios, right?

Elmer Childware Set, $30 [comptoirdenfance.com via naomi]

1 Comment

cool - I want that spoon for myself!

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