April 28, 2008

Baby Monitor As Corporate Espionage Tool? There Are Plenty Of Substitutes

Was Der F? This puts the Un in unglaublich. The CEO of Porsche is demanding an investigation after finding a baby monitor "behind the sofa" of his hotel room. The monitor was discovered a day before a shareholders meeting last year where Porsche was pushing a rule change that would have affected minority shareholder voting rules on such things as its desired takeover of VW.

Did this really only come to light now, right after VW's annual meeting left the rule in place? Or is that just when it hit the English press? And what kind of knucklehead would actually use a baby monitor to eavesdrop on a massive corporate merger?

Porsche files complaint over suspected spy attempt on CEO [ap/yahoo via jalopnik]


Baby espionage makes sense to me. If the monitor is found and traced back to you, you have an alibi (assuming you actually have a baby and rented the room for a night and then admit to an officer that you had been using a baby monitor because you left your baby alone in the room while you went outside to smoke, assuming you indeed smoke, otherwise you abandoned your baby to grab something from your car or maybe swim in the pool and you're now going to get arrested for something no matter what).

Out in California, we kept hearing a French woman on our baby monitor. A couple years later we met our neighbors from Benin, Africa a couple blocks over who speak seven languages (French being their native tongue). Yep, hearing half a phone conversation is even more confusing when that half doesn't make sense.

Thanks for you analysis.

You say the baby monitor like this one?

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