April 26, 2008

Bunker Hill Lacquered Steel Doll McMansion


Daniel Franzen's painted steel dollhouse has serious curb appeal. The shape is inspired by Swedish barns, and relates to a series of cabins Franzen's firm, Bunker Hill, is designing for the reclaimed wood specialty firm Arvesund.

It comes with magnetic wallpaper, which your kid can color--plus, there's a CD with wallpaper templates on it, so he can redecorate.

Furniture's not included, and since the dollhouse is 1:18 scale, your 1:24-scale Playmobil furniture and figures won't fit. I mean, they'll fit; they'll just look ridiculously small in the cavernous dollhouse spaces. Actually, that's perfect. Just get a 1:18 scale Hummer and a 1:18 scale FOR SALE | MOTIVATED SELLER! sign to put out front.

Bunker Hill Dollhouse, in a signed, limited edition of 100, $241 plus shipping [scandinaviandesigncenter via minor details]
More shots and projects at Bunker Hill's website [bunkerhill.se]

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