April 25, 2008

My First Pixi Books

pixi_buch_0393.jpgPixi Books, or Pixi Bücher, are the German equivalent of Golden Books. Since 1953, the Vaterland's Kindershelves have been filled with over 1,500 identically sized titles, [10x10cm], and all grouped and numbered in little series with German precision. I'm sure there are some hidden gems of illustration and storytelling in there somewhere; there sure are some duds. [Is there anything more fun to say than, Schnür mir die Schuh, #0393 from the 1984 Serie 52?]

Beate at Kidsmodern put a spotlight on some very cool-looking Pixis, a collection called "My First Pixi Books," [Meine ersten Pixi-Bücher, if you're Googling at home], which were made for toddlers and used photography and no text.


There were 18 books published in three series between 1979 and 1981. Serie 1 [above] was me around the house; Serie 2 was the seasons and play; and Serie 3 was, uh, I can't see the theme. Boys? I guess they ran out of ideas after that.

My First Pixi Books [kidsmodern]
Pixibuch.de has all the covers and publishing information for Meine ersten Pixi-Bücher, plus hundreds of other titles [pixibuche.de]
Search eBay for "Meine ersten Pixi-Bucher [ebay]



I remember these, growing up in Germany! MY first pixis were from the 60s and were more like goldenbooks - little stories with illustrations (and yes, text). We still have many well-worn copies at my parents house...

I had at least three of the 'my first' ones in Englush versions - 'My Bath', 'My Toys' 'At Home'. I could never work out if it was a boy or a girl though - those wondeful 70s unisex clothes...

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