April 25, 2008

Apt. For Rent: No Pets, No Preggies, No Shorties

What is the world coming to when a yuppie couple expecting their first kid can't rent an apartment in Brooklyn?

A stuck-in-Manhattan couple has filed a class-action discrimination lawsuit against Brown Harris Stevens claiming the brokerage refused to show them an apartment when they were expecting, and then a year later, refused to rent them two different apartments because they had a kid.

The first time, the broker allegedly told them flatout the apartment owner would not rent to people with kids. The next two times, the no-kids rejection was coupled with "concerns about lead paint." Never mind that landlords are responsible for abating any lead paint in an apartment.

Anyway, class action means you, too, can pile on if you've been screwed by The Man. Or knocked up by the man, then screwed by The Man when you tried to flee to the Slope. Trial lawyers are standing by.

Real Estate Firm Sued Over Child Discrimination [nysun via curbed]

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