April 24, 2008

Truck Kids Room Wins Kips Bay Decorator Showdown

truck_arch_kips_bay_nyt.jpgWhen you're filling a modernist landmark, more is not more after all. The Kips Bay Decorator Show House is an Upper East Side institution: a select handful of society decorators each get a room in some townhouse, which they inevitably over-re-do in order to woo new clients from among the paying visitor stream. And everyone can spend $75,000 for each window treatment with a clear conscience, because the $30 admission fees all go to charity!

Anyway, the Show House does give an interesting window on picayune design trends, which makes the NYT's unusually acerbic preview an interesting read. And kudos to Jennifer Carpenter of Truck Products Architecture, who won the competition--for hearts and minds, anyway--with a very low key-sounding nursery.

Kips Bay: Coloring In the White Boxes [nyt]
Previously:Nurseryworks keeps on Truckin'

1 Comment

The first word that came to mind when I saw the kids' room photo was "Dresden."

[lololol, just stick the Ukranian 2-headed Hitler doll under the bed to complete the look. -ed.]

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