April 23, 2008

Boon Has A Flair For Customer Service

boon_flair_chair_straps.jpgHere's a nice report from a dad and satisfied Boon customer:

We've had a Boon Flair high chair for a few months now, which we really like.

A couple weeks ago one of the male clips on the harness broke. I
e-mailed Boon's customer service, and they wrote back a nice e-mail
letting us know they were mailing out a replacement part and asking us
some questions about how it broke, which suggests to me that they're
trying really hard to learn from mistakes and keep up their quality

The part arrived the other day, and it turns out they sent out a whole
new strap-and-buckle assembly, not just the one male buckle we told them
was broken. They also included a kind hand-written apology note and a
prepaid envelope for sending them back the broken part so they can try
to learn more about why it broke.

I suppose it would be even better if it didn't break at all, but if
stuff's gonna break, it's sure nice to have such friendly customer

Indeed. And whether it's a one-off break, or an emerging problem, it sounds like Boon's on top of things and handling it really well. Nice to see. [On a barely related note, the kid got a Boon Snack Ball from her aunt for Christmas and holy smokes, does she love that thing.]

The Boon Flair high chair is available at DT advertiser Sparkability, and at Target.com, which is offering 15% off of baby furniture purchases over $125 through May 3rd. [

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