April 22, 2008

Bugaboo Logo-Poaching Building In Tribeca Is Not To Be Truffled With


On the left, the logo for the enigmatic new apartment building going up on the northern edge of Tribeca. The building name: Truffles, as in, "hard to find" and "expensive," I guess. On the right, the Bugaboo logo, which already has a significant presence on the rolling stock in the neighborhood.

Considering the numerous references on Curbed to the, uh, "mobbed up" nature of the building, Bugaboo's best move may be to graciously accept the flattery. Maybe send along a box of muffins, but definitely leave the lawyers out of this one.

Nonsensical website for unclear development goes live [curbed]

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I read the headline too quickly. For a second, I thought you were saying that people were poaching Bugaboo strollers in Tribeca. Makes sense to me. I'm seeing at least two Bugaboos per block these days in the 'hood.

[i'm sure that's not where the fine, upstanding developers got the idea for their logo. It'd be awesome if there was a Bugaboo theft racket, though, like how, when your bike was stolen, you used to be able to go to Alphabet City and buy it back from some guy on the street for $50. Good times. -ed.]

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