April 19, 2008

Sweet Sport France Jouet A Bascule


Just in case you didn't learn how to say "rocking horse" in French--because frankly, you were only learning French to pick up chicks, not shop for playground implements--now you know: un cheval à bascule.

Thus, this jouet à bascule, which is being sold by the same eBay seller, ChicPlastic, as that Papst fiberglass kid's table, needs no further translation. It's funny how much it looks like an animal from the side, but then you realize it's just the handles. The thing is basically a giant, ride-on Easter egg.

ChicPlastic dates this to the 1970's, and the giant plaque pop-riveted to the side identifies the manufacturer, Sport France, which is still happily making play equipment north of Paris in Boran sur Oise, just down the road from Parc Asterix. Their favorite material: resine. Yes, even polyurethane plastic sounds better in French.

INCROYABLE JOUET A BASCULE RESINE 70's, EUR200 + shipping [ebay]


Yes, but as I came to find out the hard way, if you're successful at picking up chicks in French then you eventually have to learn how to say things like "couche", "biberon", and "cheval a bascule"...

This is a lot like the Rusig plastic rocker you can buy at Ikea for $99 if you're not ready to shell out the 200 euros. My 2 year old loves it. He's been playing on it since he was 1. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50081659

[very similar to Papst's original Rocking Sculpture, too. -ed.]

oops sorry. I meant $9.99.

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