April 16, 2008

New Dad-Designed Edo Rocker At Thos. Moser


Wow, David Moser's Edo Rocker looks like a Mission Style classic that came home all Art Nouveau after going on study abroad to Belgium. And in a good way. It's substantial and lyrical at the same time.

Apparently, Moser, the youngest son of Tom Moser, of the furniture crafting Mosers, designed the Edo soon after becoming a dad himself. Which means it's got generation-spanning built right in.

Edo Rocker by David Moser, heirloom-priced at $2700 [thosmoser.com via dt reader sara]


I, for one, love Tho. Moser co furniture. Every time we do down to Georgetown I drag my wife into their store for a little dream session. I recently sat in this new rocker and despite its somewhat off-kilter appearance it is substantial and comfortable, as are all of their creations.

Now if only I could convince the store to let me buy furniture there at the employee discount price.

Thos. Moser chairs were used by the President and Pope at the White House yesterday! Check it out:


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