April 15, 2008

If The Station Wagon Is Dead, Brunei Is Freakin' Station Wagon Heaven

Sheesh, the Sultan of Brunei's Wikipedia entry sounds like it's been edited by Robin Leach. Suffice it to say, that when you spend upwards of $4 billion on 3-5,000 cars, your garage is going to contain quite a few...
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UK Study: It's Part Of A Brightly Colored, Wildly Imbalanced Breakfast!

I don't know what's more headscratching about this UK study linking commonplace processed food colorings and additives to ADHD in kids: the possibility that some of the most common food additives in the world [may be contributing to hyperactivity and...
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Now That's A Hackable Wall-Mounted Metal Changing Table

At EUR650, this very changing table-esque, modular shelving unit, made in Holland in the 1950's by Pilastro, is approximately 25 times the cost of the modern, lawn chair-like Ikea alternatives. Then again, Ikea has 25 million Google results; Pilastro...
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Bookhou Felt Kids Chair, From Canada

I am a sucker for industrial felt. Spread last week's pad thai onto a giant sheet of inch-thick, grey felt, and I'd eat it with my hands tied behind my back. [Actually, I think that's actually a Joseph Beuys...
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