April 14, 2008

Hmm, But Ikea Already Has Wall-Mounted Changing Tables


Why go to the trouble of hacking together a wall-mounted Ikea changing table from the office furniture section, when Ikea already offers a perfectly fine-looking wall-mounted changing table in the changing table department?

The Antilop changing table is supposedly new, but it looks indistinguishable from the Gulliver changing table. Though it shares a name with one of the best high chairs on the market at any price, the Antilop changing table seems pricier than its lawn chair looks would justify.

I'd love to be wrong, though. Anyone?

Antilop Changing Table, all white and $60, or the completely not different blue Gulliver for $70 [ikea]
Previously and still going strong, though it costs more: Antilop, the totally decent Ikea high chair

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We have the Gulliver changing table and it's survived 3 kids (4, 2, 3 months), so we've had it for 4+ years in two different houses.

In the first we had 2 bathrooms, so we just mounted it over the guest toilet (folded up when using the toilet).

When we moved into this 1 bath place we remodeled the bathroom (using the Ikea cabinets & sink) and hung the changing table over the (little used) counter. When guests visit we fold up the table (it's been down for, oh, 3 months at this point) When the kids are older we'll remove the changing table and put in a shelf or mirror instead.

It was one of the few folding tables that we found at the time -- in fact our local Ikea didn't sell it, so I had my brother in D.C. buy it and ship it out to us. Friends loved it so much they copied us, but had less wall space, so they got an industrial model.

The biggest problem with mounting it? It's all metric and stuff (and our house isn't), so you have to put one side into a stud and use wall anchor for the other side.

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