April 14, 2008

Bugaboo Blanket Schmanket, Check Out This Bugaboo USB Drive!


"For information and images on the Bugaboo micro fleece blanket, please insert enclosed flash drive."

You mean this sweet, Bugaboo flash drive, complete with a lanyard?? Anything you say, Madam Publicist!

OK, so it's only 512Mb, it's still pretty cool. So cool, I'm making it the prize in the "Help the SF Chronicle pick a non-sexist name for their momblog" contest, which you might have thought I forgot about. [ahem.] Stay tuned, randomly selected winner, I'll be contacting you soon.


As for the blanket, I'd seen a couple of macrofleece Bugaboo blankets on Marktplaats, the Dutch eBay, and had been sorely tempted to see what they were like. Glad I waited. The new Bugaboo microfleece is indeed micro, and the other side is micro fiber of some [very tactile, somewhat lint-attracting] kind. The embroidered logo is smack in the middle. Unfortunately, the digital embroidery file was not on the USB drive, otherwise I'd be heading to the baseball cap kiosk at the mall before the the kid even wakes up.

The blanket comes in all the colors of the Bugaboo rainbow, and retails for $40. If you want a black one, I expect it'll be the prize in an upcoming contest, so heads up.


wow, very cool.

wow, very cool.

Hey, have you ever had to change the wheels or inner tubes? I think we have a flat in the Frog.

[nope, we probably have a leak, though, because I need to put air in one tire every month or so. -ed.]

Aww, shucks. For a moment I thought the blanket was available in that awesome Hawaiian print. I received a slimming black one too. It took the baby fat right off.

But how can I review the blanket without reviewing the stroller that goes with it? For some reason the stroller never arrived. *cough*

Why would you get the blanket, instead of the footmuff? Are there any children out there who aren't constantly kicking the thing off?

[maybe because it's 60% less and can be used for more things? or is it a california thing? we didn't break out the footmuff at all this past winter, either for the Bug or the maxi-cosi. note to self: sell one unused EUR60 m-c footmuff, in black reflection -ed.]

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