April 13, 2008

PandaPanther's Yo Gabba Gabba Season 2 Animation Turning Up Online?

Huh. No. The show hasn't started shooting the live segments yet, but it looks like some of--at least one of--the new animated songs for Yo Gabba Gabba's second season is already online. [At least it looks like that if you haven't seen all the Season 1 episodes. -ed]

NY motion graphics studio Pandapanther's song, "Mika's Marshmallow Train" has been making the rounds the last couple of weeks, turning up on Videolog, the Brazilian YouTube. If you're feeling a little less transgressive, you can watch an old-fashioned Quicktime version on Pandapanther's site, too. Go figure.

[update: Go figure indeed: how long does it take some hipster design blogs to catch on to a YGG clip that's been airing for months? Jason points out that this is from Season 1. Well, it's New To ME!! sheesh.]
"Mika's Marshmallow Train, by Pandapanther for Yo Gabba Gabba [pandapanther.com via notcot]


Erm.. this is from the season 1 episode entitled "Train".

[yeah, I had a feeling. -ed.]

god i love ygg.

i think i like it more than my kids do.

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