April 13, 2008

Letterpress Baby Card From Zeichen Press


Though it's pretty damn funny on paper [heh], I think the Daddy Types demo would do well to stay away from Zeichen Press's "I'm glad you're having a baby and I'm not." card.

The "Hey! I WASN'T BORN YESTERDAY! Just kidding, I totally was!" card, on the other hand, could be great, though the window for sending it out is really tight. I guess you'd better pre-address and pre-stamp all those envelopes. Then you can add the kid's name at the hospital, and just drop the bunch in the mailbox downstairs. Of course, that assumes you've figured out the name within the first 24 hours...

Zeichen Press letterpress baby cards, $4-4.50/ea. [zeichenpress via swiss miss]


Too bad you can't re-write them. "Hey, I wasn't born yesterday!... (It's been practically a week)" would work just as well (I think) and be a little easier to get out in time.

I'm hosting an urban craft fair on April 26, and it just so happens that Zeichen Press is one of our 75 vendors. Daddy Types readers can expect to find lots of well-designed items for adults and kids alike.

My wife's due-date is a month after the show, so we'll be stocking up! There's more info on our website (craftstravaganza.com).

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