April 12, 2008

DT Headline Roundup: Wait, What? Edition

Things in my inbox and browser tabs that make me go, wait, am I missing something here?

  • From This Week In The British Surveillance State: A local school board in a London suburb used an anti-terrorist surveillance law to surveille a 3-year-old and his family, to see whether they actually lived in their sweet school catchment boundaries. [The two older kids already went to the school.] The parents are freaked out, but the politicians don't sound too regretful about it. [telegraph.co.uk, I know, but still, via jj daddy-o]
  • Something's not adding up in the "19-year-old waste case mom takes 7-wk-old baby along for 1AM candy store robbery, fills stroller with $500 worth of Twizzlers and Dots" story. For one thing, the grandma says, "[the mom] and the baby live with her and her husband but they haven’t been able to reach [her] this week." [??] Only after the world has laughed their asses off at this kid & her baby, do the police say that it was just one guy, Terrance Ware, who actually robbed the joint; the rest just tagged along. Sure we know the baby's name [Madison], but what I can't find out is 1) what was the stroller, and 2) whether Ware or the other perp is the baby daddy. Where's the British School Board when you need them? [cincinnati enquirer]
  • Finish your breast milk, there are babies starving in Africa? The last word I heard on breast milk banks was that there's a dire shortage of milk, with preemies and cancer patients duking it out for every drop. Now we hear that the International Breast Milk Project not only saved a preemie when her mother died; they have so much milk, they're shipping 55,000 ounces to AIDS orphans in Africa. Oh, wait, that's one shipment a year. And if the old numbers about needing 800 oz./month/kid still hold, that's enough for like 5 kids. Do they even have freezers in Africa? [abcnews via dt reader robert]

  • 1 Comment

    Not completely for the orphans...

    "I understand that 25% of my milk will be donated to infants orphaned by HIV/AIDS and that 75% will be retained by Prolacta Bioscience for critically ill infants in the US."

    Hmmm. In checking out the PB website it seems like the company making formula from breastmilk? My head is spinning at this oxymoron.

    [wait, what? -ed.]

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