April 11, 2008

Incredibly Authentic New NASCAR Baby Gear


This new Jeff Gordon umbrella stroller is so authentic, half of NASCAR fans already hate it on principle, and half of them think it's gay.

Fortunately for the home improvement industry, there are Tony Stewart [#20, Home Depot] and Jimmie Johnson [#48, Lowes] models available as well. They'll be for sale at a giant discount retailer near you soon, if they're not already.

Delta Children's Products: NASCAR [deltachildrensproducts via dt readers at delta's publicists]
Only the Johnson stroller is available on NASCAR.com at the moment, $25 [store.nascar.com]


Dude, that's awesome! :) Thanks for the heads-up--we've gotta hit them up for merch to give away, if they've got any kid stuff branded with Harvick or Mears--we being the new parents' site we're launching for Bakersfield parents. That stuff is big here. ;)

Is anyone still sponsored by viagra?

I look forward to the inevitable news reports of babies injured by parents racing outside the Piggly Wiggly.

Looking for a Dale Earnhardt jr baby walker, stroller, etc. Do you know where I can find one

I am looking for a Dale Earnhardt Jr. baby walker.. If anyone knows where to find one

me too

I am looking for a Jeff Gordon baby walker, new or used. please e-mail if you know of one.

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