April 10, 2008

Disney Dads Know Right Where To Start Looking For Movies


So you've joined the Disney Movie Club, and now you're stuck, wondering which nine Disney movies you should agree to buy over the next two years. [Technically, which four movies, after you get all five Air Buds.] Don't let the rich, entertaining variety paralyze you; there's a group of dads who know what you're going through, brah.

A group of Disney Dads.

Disney Dads are a friendly gang of suits and creatives who review Disney movies and help you find just the right Disney movies for your family, by sharing what Disney movies are right for their families.

You help them monetize the more obscure, less licensed merchandisable titles in the company's vast archive, and in turn, they'll help you gain bonus Disney Rewards points for, uh, getting more Disney stuff! It's win-win!

By hearing about their kids' nightmares of being chased by murderous outlaws, you'll know when it's safe to let your kid watch The Apple Dumpling Gang. Presumably, they'll help you find a Herbie or a Freaky Friday movie without a strung-out cokehead trainwreck in it.

And though one might try to persuade you that Treasure Planet is actually worth $20, you know they still have an ounce of credibility among them, as long as they don't suggest Vin Diesel's The Pacifier or Mickey Mouse Club: The Best Of Britney, Justin, and Christina.

Disney Dads, brought to you by the Disney Movie Club [disneydads.go.com via dt reader jill]


If the the reviews weren't ghost-written, that is. Still, credible stuff and a good resource for Disney Dads - just not from /those/ Disney Dads.

doesn't disney own the distribution rights to miyazaki's films in the u.s.? that should put a big dent in the 9 movies you agree to buy...

[true enough. And one of the Dads does review Howl, so credit where it's due. -ed.]

I remember "The Apple Dumpling Gang". The movie was sweet enough that my parents bought me the book to read. The book, however, was NOT sweet and sugary like the movie -- I had a feeling I wasn't really *supposed* to be reading it. I wish I could remember why... I do know that there's nothing as exciting for a 10-year-old as doing something you aren't really supposed to!

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