April 9, 2008

Dayum, That Is One Weezy F'in Baby


So not only is Lil Wayne better than Jay-Z, he's badder than The Notorious B.I.G., AND Nas, whose albums had wimpy little uninked babies on the covers? Let's go to the tape:

“My mama’s a gangsta...She told me every day, ‘Nigga play with you, you kill him.’ I believed her, and I do everything she say.”
- hiphopdx.com

"Fun Fact: When Wayne was 15, his mother Gloria Carter, asked him to find someone to have a baby with so she wouldn’t be bored around the house. He had a daughter with a 14-year-old girl."
- Vibe.com

Aiight, so I guess the tattoos are plausible. But that's it.

wtf [gvsb thanks dt reader rolf]

related: "I feel like being a baby mother, I'm bound by unwritten code - a code of silence." [vibe]


lil wayne you is so cute to me

wat up cuz dis yo boy lil wody plies form the sel my nigga wat it do weezy

omg i love yurr mussic yurr so cutee

Hey what up weezy f baby.

u is soo cute boo sexii ish shyt im like soo in love with u

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