April 8, 2008

Creative Playthings Tug Boat On The eBay


If there's wear on this vintage Finnish tug boat & barge set from Creative Playthings, I can't really see it in the photo. And before I start a bidding war at $22 shipped for a used wooden toy, I'd kind of like to see what's used about it.

That said, if you're in the market right now, this week only, this is what you get.

Tug Boat 4 Pc Creative Playthings Finland Wooden Eames, opening bid $10+$12 s/h?? ends Apr 11 [update: sold for $15.50 + s/h][ebay]


I had one of these as a kid - and have a couple now - and I've never seen one with three identical trailers/barges. They're usually the tug with a flat barge, a barge with circular hole and large dowel that fits it, and a barge with a tank sort of thing that spins. Mine are in storage or I'd snap you a pic.

I wonder if this one was assembled from several others or was the toy also sold this way? Maybe Andy knows.

[there were some German ones last year with three identical barges. they were called sand trains. -ed]

This is an "Interlocking Tug Train" According to the 1965 catalog. Original price $2.95 for what Mark describes (tug plus three different barges). Or you could order the "Interlocking Freight Train" which swapped the tug for a steam engine. Accessorize!: Six extra flat cars and barges for $2.50.

"Two-year-olds, for whom usual hooking is difficult, can easily interlock these cars to make a long push train. Newly re-designed, these natural wood floor toys now incorporate a movable dump car, grooved-out cars for cargo. 2-5 yrs. 20 inches."

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