April 4, 2008

Club Libby Lu Trains Little Girls For Promising Future In The T&A Restaurant Industry

bakersfield_club_libby_lu, originally uploaded by daddytypes.

The big news in Bakersfield, California today was apparently national chain store-related. The local paper ran one giant article about Target [not coming as promised?] and the openings of two--ostensibly unrelated--chick chains: Club Libby Lu, and right next to it, Tilted Kilt, which Bakersfield local Jason describes as, "Hooters with a faux-Scottish accent and more skin."

No word on whether Club Libby Lu makeovers will count towards your daughter's GED and/or Tilted Kilt certification, but it's nice that there will be jobs, so the kids don't have to move away. To another suburb filled with the identical chain stores.

Girlie-girl store set for Plaza [bakersfield.com via jason]
Mini-kilts, peekaboo bras? Tilted Kilt sports bar coming to town

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