April 3, 2008

DT Link Round-Up: Imagine All The People Edition

Seems that even when I'm on the road, the browser tabs just keep filling up with interesting stuff. And how:

  • The Birth Tour 2008 is coming to a yoga center near you: "What is THE BIRTH TOUR? Imagine a room filled with people who have come to talk about birth." Uh, ok. In her DVD, Gurmukh, Cindy Crawford's prenatal yoga instructor, once said, "imagine you're in the forest with a thousand midwives..." Coincidence? [thinairmedia.org via dt reader sara]
  • "Pediatricians left guessing at drug doses"? You don't say! Who, besides me and anyone else who's ever consulted his physician could've told you that the "consult your physician" thing on the side of the medicine bottle is basically a giant pass-the-buck? No one knows! Boston Globe, also via sara]
  • "My new baby is destroying my perfect designer home": This plastic-afflicted mom-to-be had no idea where to shop for her kid. But don't feel too sorry for her; she was able to turn her design-snobby angst into an over-dramatic weekend piece for the UK Independent. [independent.co.uk via chris]
  • Awesome, a 3-yo does a word-for-word, step-by-step recreation of NY Times food guy The Minimalist's video of how to make choclate ganache. Or it would be awesome if The Minimalist wasn't so annoying. Still, ganache. I didn't know what that was until I started typing just now. The Food Section has a q&a with the kid's dad [thefoodsection.com]
  • Speaking of the Times, there's a nice article about Hou Hsiao-hsien's new film, Flight of the Red Balloon, about a Parisian kid, his wacked out puppeteer mom, and his Chinese nanny. As the title suggests, the movie is inspired by the 1956 Albert Lamorisse original, The Red Balloon, which we watched on the flight out here; the kid was transfixed. [nyt]
  • Holy smokes! A major TV network runs a story about at-home dads that's not demeaning or stereotypical, but is actually substantive and useful?? Oh, of course, it's by a ringer, Brian Reid, RebelDad himself. The title of the video accompanying it? "Meet Mr. Mom." And as they chant these three ancient words, order in the media universe is restored. [today show/msnbc via dt reader davie]


    If you hadn't said "via chris" I would have guessed you found the Independent article because you were Googling "wooden 2cv"... :)

    [a fair bet, -ed.]

    Oh my God, my son is not far from word-perfect Minimalist impersonations. His idea of a good time? "Let's watch those cooking videos on the New York Times!"

    I thought my kid was weird. Kids must love him.

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