April 2, 2008

Smart-Aleck Hippie Shirts For Kids, From $30


See, it's funny, because The Closing of the American Mind is a classic Reagan-era Allan Bloom book on how liberal academia is destroying the country and its culture!

But Bloom's dead, and Reagan, too, and now the Clothing of the American Mind now sells peacenik, treehugging t-shirts and gives a portion of its proceeds to "worthy politically progressive causes"! In you face, Allan Bloom!

Those proceeds must be substantial, because a freakin' Onesie costs $35:

Stop Wars, our original organic design launched in 2005, was worn by Natalie Portman on Saturday Night Live. Peace is a message that will never go out of style.
Good to see progressives as mind-numbingly stars-obsessed as the rest of our rapidly degrading society. Give me a call when the Stop Torture Onesie is available.

Clothing of the American Mind baby shirts--aha, founded by "a Hollywood set decorator" [cotam.org]


I would swear one of the men's t-shirt models was Josh Brolin (I just watched American Gangster last night).
Actually, now that i look aroound the site, I see Jamie Lee Curtis modeling shirts, too. Hollywood lefty cred!

$35 for a onesie? Hippies have gone main-stream. Bring back tie-dye!

American made, sweatshop free, organic cotton, *and* they want to have some proceeds in order to donate a fraction thereof to a good cause? Let me know where you're finding a better deal.

I've never liked political statement clothes for babies. Adults, fine, but not using naive little ones to make our point.


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