March 31, 2008

We Are Freaking Living A Bugaboo Daytrip, People


Thanks to everyone for the tips and suggestions for our Los Angeles trip; we made it safe and sound, with an entirely uneventful, if gear-heavy flight. Over the weekend we had family visits down in O.C., and a trip to Huntington Beach, where the 58-degree weather didn't take the edge off the kid's' enjoyment of running around in the sand one bit. [Though I worried her giddiness was also a signal that we've been irresponsibly depriving her of beach access.]

One unexpectedly awesome tip came from the folks at Bugaboo, who reminded me of the Bugaboo Daytrips collection of arty maps full of cool, kid-friendly places to go. Now I think the Downtown LA map may be the best Bugaboo Daytrip since the one I mapped out for New York's Chinatown back in 2005.

Not only is the map by local graphic artists Kozyndan full of interesting, walkable food destinations like Olvera St and the Grand Central Market that pass the Chowhound foodsnob test, it has our freakin' hotel on it. Granted, since they're next door, MoCA and Walt Disney Hall were already on our list. Lucha libre souvenir report to follow.

[update: uh, okay. Olvera St was packed with Japanese and fat French tourists; it's like a Mexican petting zoo. Does it now serve to remind everyone of the historic ghettoization and marginalization of Mexican culture in LA? Because you definitely don't need to schlep anywhere to find food or cheap products made by authentic Mexicans...

And the Grand Central Market is like 40% empty these days. Which is not to say we didn't have a great time watching the guy make the almond-paste-covered rolls, just that they tasted like chalk. I'd rather have put my 50 cents into a tip jar for the entertainment.]

Bugaboo Daytrips []


I just went to look at the Boston version of Bugaboo Daytrips and have to say it's pretty weak. two restaurants and essentially a walk through the boston common and public gardens.

Glad to hear the LA version was better.

wanna list out the reader LA reco's here in the comments? would love to hear what everyone's got.

the LA westside bugaboo thing is teh suck

[sorry, should've added a link to the previous call for tips, there's a lot of good stuff. -ed.]

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