March 31, 2008

Hmm, BabyGap Home Seems To Have A Daddy Gap


Well, that didn't take long. BabyGap Home went live on the site today, and first impressions: not bad, for a total chickfest.

It's definitely a small, tightly edited collection of brands and stuff; the BabyGap flagship product seems to be their own bedding sets, which comes in five different design themes, some mix&matchable pieces, and a couple of solids. Lots of organic sheet options, lots of polyester fleece blankets.

There are only one or two brands in each merchandise category: Quinny Buzz, Maclaren, and Peg Peragao [sic] strollers--yes, no Bugaboo; Peg and Quinny Maxi-Cosi [sic] car seats. Little Twig organic, phthalate-free shampoos, and no California Baby or Mustela. A Bjorn and two slings. A half dozen ribbony pacifier clips, but only a dozen or so books.


There are some simple things to retreat to--the blankets with big, embroidered line drawing animals are kind of cool--but the relentless, greeting card cuteness, combined with an overriding brightness of color and patterns tells me dads are just guests in BabyGap Home. Actually, the President of BabyGap tells me that, too, in a press release:

“Today’s mom stays on top of the latest trends – she wants her baby to be current and stylish. She also expects safe, high quality products at affordable prices,” said Pam Wallack, president of babyGap and GapKids. “babyGap Home brings all of these things together in one well-edited collection. Our goal is to be a trusted editor, providing moms with everything they need and want in an aesthetic and sensibility that’s unique only to babyGap.”
BabyGap Home open online for the ladies []
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BabyGap: "Just for mom"!


LONG time reader - first time poster. I love your site. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Wish I invested a bit more time myself in researching baby gear before I bought it. Already on pram no 2 BTW. A quinny buzz in case you are wondering but only because they are not as common as muck here in AUS. Who would have thought so many people could have afforded b-boos at $1500+ AUD a pop!! Thanks for your wonderful insight!!

What is cool about the Gap site is that I believe any coupons one may have can be used on a stroller etc., thats a sweet savings!!
Also, are those Mac Quests exclusive to the Gap? I love the Girlie print!!

Looks like the bedding caters not just to Moms, but also to baby girls. Out of 5 bedding sets they have 1 stereotypically male (trucks), one gender neutral (animals), and 3 flowers and pinks.

[yep, good point. It's also a major issue for clothing, too. The whole "moms designing for daughters" dynamic kicks in very early. -ed.]

Well, just like most companys they make products geared towards the higher amount of consumers. Which in the case of baby-caretakers, females. Can't be too mad at them for that. Although, it does suck.

I really detest pink/princess/flowery girl stuff and that's almost all I can find for my daughter. I have purchased boy's pants & shirts for her just to get some normal colors/styles on her back. Us "moms" are dissatisfied with only having pink or blue selections too!

For ever one mom who feels like I do, there are 4 more dressing their kids and their kids rooms out withing an inch of their masculine or feminine lives.

My mother-in-law begs me to put my daughter in pink and it kills me. People seem to be so afraid their kid will be "mistaken" for its opposite sex that it's almost obsessive, shoving babies into all trucks or all princess environments. GAH!

This is what it says about the Skip Hop diaper bag: "Perfect for a mom on-the-go." Isn't the Skip Hop one of the first diaper bags on the market whose style actually catered to moms and dads?

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