March 26, 2008

Sweet Kidshouse From Studiomama


More sweet loft modules cribbed from magazines. I was really digging the Lego wall, so grabbed this shot of Nina Tolstrup's painted MDF kidshouse from her profile in the latest issue of Dwell. Only when I got home did I realize I'd seen it before, from the other side.


Tolstrup has a picture of it on her firm's site,, which I poked around after seeing her furniture made from shipping palettes last fall. Tolstrup also curated Made In Denmark, which had one of the few kid-related designs at last yaer's London Design Festival.

studiomama []
A Mama's Touch [dwell, though the link is screwy]

1 Comment

MDF is wood chips and epoxy. It will off-gas until those kids are grandparents.

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