March 26, 2008

Built-In And/Or Wheeled Nursery By Merge Architects


Judging by her firm's online porfolio, Merge Architects principal Elizabeth Whittaker has never designed a plywood loft built-in she didn't like. And that apparently goes for her own kid's nursery, too. The April issue of Boston Magazine features awesome pics of a built-in changing station and a sweet baby-in-a-box crib set-up. [At least they're probably awesome pics when you hold the magazine in your hands; these little, lo-res phonecam versions are courtesy of DT reader EP, who is currently scannerless.]


Turns out the roll-around crib box is part of a 10x11 "baby island" that can be closed off from the rest of the loft by pocket doors. When company comes, they can just wheel the sleeping kid into the back. Meanwhile, the changing table is actually a sweet, Ikea hack:

Beth used back-to-back Ikea cabinets—essentially, a storage wall—to separate her and Heb's bedroom from the baby's. She cut out the center of the middle cabinet to construct a changing table, framed it with apple-core plywood, and put a mirror in the back so Georgia could see herself while being changed. When Georgia gets older, Beth will take out the cushion and turn the niche into a desk.
The Littlest Loft Dweller, by Rachel Levitt, photos Keller+Keller []
Merge Architects []

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