March 25, 2008

Blogpile! Marion Bataille's Pop-Up ABC3D

I swear, when I posted about "V is for Viagra: An ABC Pop-Up Book" yesterday, I had no idea that the design/geek blogworld would be getting so aroused at that very moment over a French ABC pop-up book that won't even be available for another seven months. But such is the power of The YouTube.

The link above is actually the cleaner-than-YouTube DailyMotion version of Marion Bataille's video walkthrough for ABC3D, which is set for release in the US in October. Please, oh please, people who will pre-order such a book, please click on my Amazon link for ABC3D and let me collect the $0.79 for referring you. Both of you. Don't be shy.

Pre-order Marion Bataille's ABC3D, forget about it, and then be surprised anew when it arrives next fall! [amazon via fubiz, thanks geekdad, rolf, and erin]

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