March 25, 2008

DT Link Roundup: PC, ABC, APC, RR, HR Edition

Some headlines and links from the DT browser tabs: One WSJ dad knows he's ruining his 5-yo son's future by not teaching him more about computers. but dammit, we didn't need Webkinz when we were that age; we blew our...
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Blogpile! Marion Bataille's Pop-Up ABC3D

Popup by Marion BatailleUploaded by jacques_faciale I swear, when I posted about "V is for Viagra: An ABC Pop-Up Book" yesterday, I had no idea that the design/geek blogworld would be getting so aroused at that very moment over a...
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DTQ: Road Trip Tips? We're Coming To Los Angeles

So my wife's got an astrophysics conference next week in downtown Los Angeles, and we all decided to tag along. I think I know my art world Los Angeles, and I know my way around some of Sunset's scene-ier, but...
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"Daddyproof?" Le Sabon, Meet Le Finger

Before you buy a "funny" Onesie, remember that 99% of them are actually about as funny as Jerry Seinfeld presenting as that damn bee at the Oscars. Are you sure the one you're about to choose is that miraculous...
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West Coast Wagons Theoretically Not Just For Celebrity Gifting Anymore

At first I was too blown away by the website's name--My Wholesale Baby--to worry that the authentic ammunition boxes add 15 pounds to West Coast Wagons' custom camo rig. Then I was whipsawed by the sales pitch:From hand painted...
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