March 21, 2008

How Big Is It? How Big You Want It? Awesome Clifford Richards Noah's Ark


When Jenn posted photos of her daughter's room on Minor Details, I tried to break my gaze away from the cool vintage schooldesk to figure who made the sweet rainbow creature painting on the wall. I had no idea of the awesomeness.

If you ever wondered what the animals did before they became big stars on Sesame Street's "Pinball Number Count", now you know: they were making Noah's Ark wrapping paper in swingin' London with pop artist Clifford Richards. Jenn got her copy of Richards' awesome 1970 design at the Design Museum in London; I'd guess the V&A might have some, too, since the artist does their Christmas cards; or you can buy 5 sheets of reissued Noah's Ark giftwrap at a time straight from Richards' site.

Or, HELLO GUV'NAH, you can buy a custom-sized digital print to fill the entire wall. I was on the fence before, but this totally makes the watery destruction of the whole of human civilization so worth it in my book.

A Peek Inside and A Pop Icon [minor details]
Clifford Richards site/store []


happy friday greg - i bought another copy while i was there as a backup but seeing as how you seem to really appreciate its dopeness, i will kindly give it up to you. i know you would give it a wonderful home!

i love the noah's arc picture, where can i purcahse it as a mural or custome sized digital print?

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