March 21, 2008

WooHoo! DIY Crib Of Death Takes Design*Sponge Bronze

Let's all celebrate with mom-to-be Melissa, whose hand-painted, death-slat-equipped, fallout-optimized, mini-crib won 3rd Prize in Design*Sponge's recent DIY Project Contest. I'm sure she'll use the $300 prize money to buy some infill slats. I think we've all learned an...
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CA Regs: Pregs Or No Legs, Everyone Parks For Free

A California state legislator from Orange County has introduced a bill that would grant all pregnant women "temporarily disabled" status for the last trimester, plus the first couple of months after giving birth. This would enable them to join the...
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How Big Is It? How Big You Want It? Awesome Clifford Richards Noah's Ark

When Jenn posted photos of her daughter's room on Minor Details, I tried to break my gaze away from the cool vintage schooldesk to figure who made the sweet rainbow creature painting on the wall. I had no idea...
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