March 20, 2008

Whoa, Babystyle Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

I'm looking into this, and haven't seen it reported anywhere else yet, but I hear eStyle, inc., the parent company of babystyle, cadeau, and kidstyle, filed for bankruptcy protection today. Stay tuned. [here, I guess because it's been 36...
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How To Make Buttons And/Or Screw With Your Kid's Mind

In honor of Won't You Be My Neighbor Day [Did you all remember to wear your sweaters? Good, I knew you could.], achingly adorable writer/filmmaker/hipster moll Miranda July takes us on a trip to a button factory. A button...
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Ghodiyu: Think This Indian Baby Hammock Will Scratch My Hardwood Floor?

The NY Times Home Section has a feature on Suchitra Van and Nette Gaastra, two artsy, West Villagers who decided to remodel when their son Sebbe was born rather than give up their 1BR apartment. Think of it as...
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"Tako Kinderwagen Mit Extra"?? Is This Germany's Pistol-Packin' Stroller?

If there's anything Americans love more than a loaded handgun, it's a concealed, loaded handgun. And if you get one for free, all the better. From Reuters: BERLIN (Reuters) - A stroller sold in an Internet auction in Germany...
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Alright, Bloom Otto Table, I'll Bite: What Is "Stylewood"?

I first spotted this design yesterday on, uh, Designspotter. As you can guess from the shape, Bloom Baby's new Otto chairs slide right in under the new Otto playtable, for a nice, clean look. It's designed by Hakan G├╝rsu,...
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