March 14, 2008

Steco Bike Accessories For Your Baby-Filled, Car-Free Life


As if you needed any more proof than the folding process of a Bugaboo that the Dutch are just not that into cars [seriously, I ended up putting the bassinet in the front seat the other day because I had the Cameleon base and like one other thing in the trunk] here it is:


Steco is the second biggest bike basketmaker in Holland. And baskets are just the beginning. They also make brackets for holding babies and gear. The Baby-Mee Bike bracket holds a Maxi-Cosi car seat, and Buggy-Mee lashes a stroller to the side of your bike, too. Alas, Bugaboos won't fit here, either, only tiny umbrella-style strollers. For Quinny Zapps, you should probably stick to the Zapp-specific bike bracket.

Steco Producten fur de bijk rijders [ via dt reader geoff]
Found searching for 'fiets,' the Dutch word for 'bike': Quinny Zapp Bike Carrier, EUR32 []

Previously: Bakfiets: Dutch family bike for the fellas

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As a dutch couple in the US, we have a maxi cosi and a bike! Do you know if you can buy the baby mee bike somewhere on line or in the US?

No luck so far!


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