March 14, 2008

Looks Like I'd Better Talk To The Boss: Cadillac Station Wagon On eBay

Uh-oh, it's put up or shut up time. That 1979 Cadillac station wagon Jalopnik spotted back in December is now online. On sale. on eBay. Back then, I said I'd suddenly felt desperate to buy one, and now one--the...
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Steco Bike Accessories For Your Baby-Filled, Car-Free Life

As if you needed any more proof than the folding process of a Bugaboo that the Dutch are just not that into cars [seriously, I ended up putting the bassinet in the front seat the other day because I...
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The Other Cradle Of The King Of Rome

Of the over 14,000 vintage color slides donated by Charles W. Cushman to the Indiana University library, this 1960 photo of a cradle at Fontainebleau is the only one with a "children's furniture" tag. I did some searching, and...
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The Poster You May Not Want To See In The Nursery

If your name's James, that is. This poster by Ben Hribar was made for some hippie dippie, peace love & understanding exhibition in 2006. It "addresses the disconnect and apathy of the general public towords [sic] their fellow brothers...
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Average Weight Of Ineke Hans Furniture Drops Dramatically

Dutch designer Ineke Hans' Black Beauties collection, begun in 2000, was one of the first significant attempts to make cool, contemporary furniture for kids. The chairs, tables, and rocking toys are made out of heavy-duty, black, recycled plastic--which weighs...
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