March 13, 2008

Wow. Shagtastic Lucite Rocker


If you'd given up on your groovy Halston-themed nursery and were about to return that silver metallic op art wallpaper, STOP. Your rocker just turned up on eBay.

MODERN LUCITE ROCKING CHAIR 1970'S, $475 bid or $500 Buy It Now, +$100 s/h [ebay via dt reader EP]


$600 for a Unknown 70's rocker! Sounds like someones off their rocker!!!

[though you'd be hard-pressed to find a new lucite rocker for twice the price anywhere this side of Kiev. The rough-looking hardware and lack of signature mean it's probably not Pace Collection, which is what most of the similar 70's lucite furniture in vintage circulation is, but then those go for $2500 ea. -ed.]

Does this one actually rock? That lucite panel which extends down from the upholstered back looks like it touches the floor, but maybe that's just an artifact of the lighting.

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