March 13, 2008

Sweet, That Molded Ply Fold-down Changing Table Is By Bo Ekstrom

bybo_wall_changer.jpg bybo_diaper_holder.jpg

It's a molded ply world out there--in Scandinavia, anyway. Thanks to DT reader Anouschka, who ID'd that molded ply changing table as the work of Swedish designer Bo Ekstrom.

The byBo Nursing Table is, in fact, molded birch laminate, and when it folds up, it's only 18cm deep. Not bad, though probably enough to make you recalibrate your sense of personal space if you installed it in a narrow hallway.

Poking around the byBo site turns up even more molded ply goodness; that thing in the old picture isn't the folded changing table; it's a matching diaper holder [or nappyrette, in Swenglish].


And how about the freestanding changing station with the cantilevered table? It's like a fixture in an awesome birch butcher shop.

Both these tables conform to EU safety standards, which apparently don't require safety belts [or is it American product liability lawyers that require a belt? Before I design my own changing table, I guess I'd look it up.]


byBo debuted last fall at the big Maison+Objet show in France, where it was displayed alongside one of my favorite kid beds, the Danish Leander crib-convertible. The Leander hanging bassinet's there, too, but I can't figure out if there's a connection between the two companies. Except that they're both far away and expensive.

byBo Nursing Tables of molded birch ply, EUR280 for the folding one [, thanks to dt reader anouschka]
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That changing station is sweet! And you are right, European safety standards do not require a belt. They always seemed like more of choking hazard to me.

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