March 13, 2008

NYT: Jim Carrey Ruins A[nother] Dr. Seuss Movie

In the NY Times, Tony Scott rips Jim Carrey's dismal performance as Horton, but this line almost makes me want to see the movie anyway:

All kinds of extraneous elements are added to the story. The Mayor of Who-ville, voiced by Steve Carell, is a beleaguered dad who has trouble communicating with his son, a moody emo boy named Jo-Jo.
Saving Whoville Is A Big Production [nyt]


The previews I've seen look to have almost nothing to do with the story. Plus there's some really cringe worth humor in the clips I've seen. (The dad talks "hip hop" to the son. Didn't Cliff Huxtable do that, oh twenty years ago?)

What's even more amusing is reading the reviews at rotten tomatoes and seeing that the overwhelming majority loved the movie. New York elite mentality at it's best, who says they're out of touch with the rest of the real world?!

I never did like that Jo-Jo, always hiding away in those fairfax apartments. I hope one day that mayor grabs that young twerp.

At least he's a quiet kid...

I've yet to see a revamped Dr. Suess movie that I actually liked...

The old cartoons were awesome -- They showed the stories and narrated them exactly like the books. Lets stick with that!

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