March 10, 2008

Porsche 928 Wagen: There IS No Substitute Excuse

Amelia Concours_20080309 261, originally uploaded by JJ Daddy-O.

DT's minivan industry analyst JJ Daddy-o has some disturbing photos from the otherwise tranquil Amelia Concours: a rare, stretched wheelbase, five-door 928, made by Porsche and AMG and presented to the CEO of aftermarket customizer American Sunroof Corp. (ASC).

There are apparently a few of these in existence, dating from 1986. They differ from the Porsche 942, as you know, which was made for Ferdinand Porsche's 75th birthday in 1984, because they have standard 928 headlights.

They differ from regular 928's, as you know, because they should've been dumped into Lake Michigan in Risky Business instead.

They differ from AMC Pacers because if it were given to me for my birthday, I'd *keep* an AMC Pacer.

See more photos [if you dare] of the 928 Station Wagen, at JJ Daddy-o's flickr stream [] Porsche 928 and variants, including the 942 and 928-4 [wikipedia]

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Why is it that, the moment I saw this picture, the first word that came to mind was "Caddyshack?"

I could so see Rodney driving onto the fairway with this.

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