March 10, 2008

Crosley Davidson: "I'm As Happy As A New Daddy!"

"On the hood, you will see the brown extends down the front. It follows the outline of the 'CROSLEY' badge that goes there. I'm as happy as a new daddy!!!!"


That's Barry "Bearman" Dennis talking about the new paint job as he neared the end of his 1951 Crosley Wagon restoration project. What's that, you don't remember Crosley's 26-hp inline-4 needing quite so many heat-dissipating louvers? That's because Bearman's 1600-lb baby is powered by a 110-hp Harley Davidson V-Twin.

See a picture of the Crosley Davidson after the jump, or check out Jalopnik's gallery from last weekend's Autorama show in Detroit, or scroll through Bearman's documentation of the rather insanely awesome build.


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