March 6, 2008

Davy Lauterbach's Paintings Are Thursday's Child


Balk may be right that he left his interviewing A-game home, but then, Radar's not the likeliest place to be breaking news of new painters. Especially ones whose "gallery reps" are actually fashion stylists. Who've worked for Radar. Still, the awesomeness of Davy Lauterbach and his paintings shines through:

The initial spark for this project came as a reaction to those people bragging about their children and insinuating that my decision not to have children was "childish." These people often say things like I should "grow up," usually before they tell me how miserable their lives and marriages have become, followed by prodding me for detailed stories about my sex life since they say they've apparently have lost theirs. These people annoy me. I'm also fascinated by developments in cloning and the bizarre possibilities that might have for creating children. So, I decided to clone my own family of art babies, and wound up with 25 babies that are self-portraits. Every baby has a little bit of me, filtered through someone else. For example, there's one baby that is a clone of me and the poet-playwright Samuel Beckett. That baby is polite with a dark side. Funny but maudlin. A little sick of it all, too. There's another baby that is the clone of a clone of a clone of what I think I would be if I were inbred with myself over and over and over. That baby would be repulsive. Way too smiley. Clownish. Definitely a chronic masturbator. My babies, however, don't scream or whine.
They do make me want to hightail it to an Olan Mills for our next Christmas card photo, though. Well done.

Davy's Kids [radaronline via balk]


Thanks for the link! Those are great and now has my mind spinning about my own little clone babies.

Genius! And funny.

What a funny genius

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